Body Dysmorphia

When Taylor Swift said in her documentary, “My relationship with food was the same psychology that I applied to everything else in my life: If I was given a pat on the head, I registered that as good. If I was given a punishment, I registered that as bad”, this mentality with public insecurity led her to restrict her food. Not only her, Camila Mendes, Gabourey Sidibe, Zayn Malik everyone opened up about their eating disorders.

Famous singer Lizzo in her Instagram post said, “I detoxed my body and I’m still fat. I love my body and I’m still fat. I’m beautiful and I’m still fat. These things are not mutually exclusive.”

Diet culture tells us we need to cure our bodies or reset them with products or plans we must buy. Rather than idealizing things like balance in our diets, and self-acceptance for when we submit in ways that make us yearn for more of that balance, diet culture tells us a “detox” is the quick fix. In reality, it’s a less-than-scientific way of making us think limiting food means health.

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