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MON- মন is resurrecting an old friend, previously known as Anonstories. But this time it’s different.

Say hello to “Unheard Tales” . A new opportunity to open up about your unheard stories to us. This way, you will free yourselves from the weight that has been burdening your mind.

This is where you tell us your story.

This is where we share your story to create a community-to let you know that you are not alone.

We will be collaborating with one of the rising influential online recreational platforms in Bangladesh, আমাদের গল্প ( to reach out to more individuals and release your stories in audio/video format. For clarity, আমাদের গল্প is a platform that aims to share people’s stories to the audience to create awareness and empathy.

The google form will be available on both pages for the duration of our program.

Should you decide to send in your story, you will definitely get the right to preserve your anonymity and choose whether your story gets broadcasted or not.

So, send in your tale and let us be your voice.

Together, we can relieve ourselves of this emotional baggage and set ourselves free.

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